Lung Tumor Cure

What is oral tumor cure?

A lung tumor is abnormal rates of cell division or cell death in lung tissue, or in the airways that lead to the lung. Then, a tumor may form when cell divide too quickly or do not die off as they normally should. If the growth is 3 centimeters or less in diameter is called a nodule. When a nodule forms in the lungs, it is called a pulmonary nodule. Other than that, any growth bigger than 3 centimeter called ad mass.

Acupuncture and Herbal

Acupuncture and herbal treatments are not foreign to the Chinese as it is a traditional Chinese treatment since centuries ago. Treatment is pricked her with a needle at a specific point which helps blood flow. This treatment is suitable for those suffering from cancer and oral tumors including tumors. With regard to the herb is also a natural remedy that not only can shrink tumors and even cure. The more important the patient must make acupuncture treatment and herbal feed line. This is because for those who take medication for the treatment properly and will be easily recovered. Herbs can be found in two forms in easy to swallow capsules and in its raw form to do his own juice. There are many centers do acupuncture and herbs also in every country and among the popular ones is The Tole Acupuncture. This treatment center is located in Puchong, Malaysia.

Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 has a high nutritional value that can help cure cancer or tumors. This is evident in a number of cases where the rate of the regular intake of vitamin B17, the smaller the tumor and cancer.

Vitamin B17 usually form of grains and fruits. Naturally diet with vitamin B17 in a day is very important for the prevention of cancer and tumors. Some fruits have vitamin B17 is plum, peace, apple, grape, strawberry and blackberry. The apricot seed is also a type of grain that is rich in vitamin B17. The cure cancer and this tumor has long existed and only recently featured a few years late.




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